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Has your relationship stalled? Are you experiencing power-struggles, arguments, and disenchantment? Do you miss the blissful early days of your relationship? Over a period of time, even the strongest connections can begin to fray. With The 28-Day Relationship Rehab Wookbook, Mary Delaney presents a series of solution-oriented worksheets to help restore awareness, kickstart communication, and grow appreciation.

What you’ll learn:

1. How to improve communication and insight into your relational patterns.

2. How to increase appreciation for your partner.

3. How to be more mindfully present with your partner.

4. Emotional regulation skills to help achieve that mindful presence.

5. How to be more affirming in your relationship.

6. How to create a greater sense of intimacy.

7. How to diminish self-criticism as a way of moving forward in your relationship.