"Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." - Mary Oliver

With the exception of the above quote - life doesn't come with an instruction book. We all struggle, wonder, and simply do our best to make sense of life's many curve balls.  As a licensed psychotherapist, I work primarily with Creative Professionals, adults recovering from Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) and individuals and couples working through relationship challenges. If you’re in a romantic relationship and are currently struggling, I highly suggest a copy of my workbook (click on link below and to the right). Many of the skills presented in the workbook are also skills taught in couple’s therapy. So, it’s a great way to begin healing a fractured relationship or to continue bolstering an already healthy one. I also offer an ongoing CEN workshop and group. Send a message via the contact page if you’d like to inquire about individual or couple’s therapy or are interested in registering for a group or workshop.

Photo credit: Kari Shea

Photo credit: Kari Shea


Therapy can help address underlying issues that present current challenges.  We'll examine your attachment style, your family dynamics, past emotional wounds, and strategies and mindsets to help the healing process begin.

Click arrow above to watch brief video about The 28-Day Relationship Rehab Workbook. If these concepts sound like something that could help improve your relationship then click on the image of the workbook to order your copy now.

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My new book: The 28-Day Relationship Rehab Workbook is on it’s way. I’m excited to share these daily exercises designed to help fledgling relationships get back on track or help continue to bolster already healthy ones.